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One of the aims of the European Public Sphere initiative is to document the discussions we hold on the future of Europe. The collection of videos that emerges is the basis for our Future Archive, in which we want to collect the building blocks for a new Europe.

A European Public Sphere can only emerge if concrete discussions between citizens are made available for the greater good. Only in this way can the fruits of our Dome Talks be made fruitful for all.

Krakow – It’s getting hot in here

Krakow | Krakow, June 12th, was the last stop of our Poland Tour. The day before we made our way back south from the far north near Gdansk. Again and again we had picked up one thing in passing by: It was to be the hottest day in Gdansk ever measured that early in a...

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Youth for Baltic Sea

  Sobieszewo (Gdánsk) | Our second stop of our Poland Tour was at Hotel Orle on Sobieszewo island just outside of Gdańsk. Supported by GLS Treuhand e.V., we joined the first Baltic Sea Youth Camp, a festival to increase youth participation in the Baltic Sea Region....

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Krzyżowa – Authoring European History

Krzyżowa | Our stop in Krzyżowa was a very special one to me. 3 years ago still as a student, I had taken part in a workshop to create a multi-media guide for the outdoor exhibition "Mut und Versöhnung" (courage and reconciliation) with 5 other Polish and German...

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Luxembourg – Naturally Celebrating Diversity

Luxembourg|Our second stop in Luxembourg, and also the final stop of the BeNeLux-Tour, took place in Luxembourg City. There, we built our dome on the Place de Clairefontaine, in close walking distance from many of the city’s sights, like the Palace, the Parliament...

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Schengen – Borderless Europe

Schengen| With the two stops in Luxembourg, the BeNeLux-Tour of the European Public Sphere was slowly coming to an end. But it was not over yet. Both Schengen and Luxembourg City were vital stops for our Dome Talks and delivered with vibrant discussions. Our intern...

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Amsterdam – Food for Thought

Amsterdam| On the 12th of April, the Europe Dome visited the multicultural city of Amsterdam. Right in the middle of the Passage in De Hallen, a bustling centre for culture and craftsmanship, the Europe Dome invited everyone to join in discussions on citizen...

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Texel – Make the Fire of Democracy Blaze Again

Den Burg, Texel| My name is David Reich. As an intern, I joined the BeNeLux Tour in Belgium and the Netherlands in April this year. The first destination in the Netherlands for me personally (the others already had a stop before in Maastricht) was in beautiful Texel,...

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Back to Maastricht of the 1300s

Maastricht |Have you ever felt like being in a beautiful safe space? A little part of the world where you can come and just talk with people without being judged or corrected. Where you look around and see, just outside your cocoon, a wonderful surrounding. And you...

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Gent – A Day in the Life of the Europe Dome team

Gent| Dome events are fun. But to make them fun, a lot of tasks need to be taken care of before, during and after the talks. Follow the organisers through their daily (non-)routine during the BeNeLux Tour and get to know another side of beautiful Gent.The dome day...

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Liège – Democracy for Sale! Or not?

Liège| The first stop of the BeNeLux Tour of the European Public Sphere project was the 30th of March in Liège. We erected the Europe Dome in shopping centre Mediacité and held three talks on digital democracy, integration and the new European Parliament! Enjoy a...

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Extend the Sensors to the West and South

In our Austria-Tour we still have one more stop to do. On 16 October we will rebuild the Dome for an "inclusive Dome Talk" - in Vienna, where the opening event also took place in July. In the meantime, however, we were on our way - with a detour to South Tyrol - in...

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When the Dome res(is)ted

Manheim, Germany | Hambach Forest, 18 August, 2018: On the occasion of the camp for [future] 2018, the Europe Dome is put together in the baking heat. Around 17.30 about 120 young activists are approaching the resistance acre of the BUND NRW via the steppe-like...

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Summiteers: What does Europe need the Alps for?

Henar Mountain Pasture | From 13 to 16 August, the European Public Sphere-Dome stood on the Henar mountain pasture between the peaks of the so-called Dead Mountains. This stop in the border region of Styria and Upper Austria is part of our tour on the occasion of the...

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Kick-off in Austria

  Vienna, Austria | Austria is holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months starting 1 July. The European Public Sphere is taking up this occasion by planning a small series of Dome-Events throughout Austria over the next few months. For...

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What’s your vision of Europe?

Kick-off of the Austria-Tour on 6 July  With the beginning of the second half of the year Austria takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ines Kanka has written a small report for the magazine "Wegweiser Anthroposophie" (Guidepost...

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Rethinking Social Justice in Europe

  Witten, Germany | Last Friday, the fifth Dome Talk of the North Rhine-Westphalia Tour took place in Witten, Germany, organized by Mehr Demokratie within the framework of the European Public Sphere Project. The topic "Rethinking Social Justice in Europe" was...

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Man and mouse under Düsseldorf-dome

  Düsseldorf, Germany | On the occasion of the annual March against Monsanto on 19 May the dome travelled to Düsseldorf. It was in good company on the grass-covered Graf-Adolf-Platz: with the Monsanto high-rise as a scenery, it was surrounded by stands of...

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European Public Sphere goes Münster

Münster, Germany | As part of its NRW tour, the dome came to Münster on 11 May. Not only the continuing good weather, but also the Catholic Day encouraged a lively participation of different organizations’ invited representatives, but above all for keen-to-discuss...

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Kick-off of the NRW-Tour in Bonn

  Bonn, Germany | On May 5th it finally happened: the first event of the NRW tour of the European Public Sphere took place in Bonn. This time the wooden dome was set up on the Münsterplatz in Bonn's city centre, where a major sporting event in bright sunshine and...

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Dome-Talk with Europe-Activists in Vienna

Vienna, Austria | On 1 October 2017, the European Public Sphere took place in the center of Vienna at Karlsplatz with the Karlskirche as its scenery. The Dome-Talk started after a Pulse of Europe rally, whose comrades-in-arms were invited together with other European...

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First Dome Talk at Democracy Camp in Wels

  The "European Public Sphere" project had its premiere on 29 September 2017. As part of the "More Democracy Camp" in Wels/Austria, we built our Europe Dome in the cultural center “Alter Schlachthof” in Wels and organized a dome talk on the topic “Democracy in...

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