In the run-up to the local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia on 12 September, first-time voters from the Cologne Mülheim district will gather under the Europe-Dome! 

Together with civil society and political representatives, they will exchange views on their opportunities for democratic participation. They will also develop their own ideas and work out strategies for implementation using existing democratic means.

At a joint final event in November, the participating young people, parents, teachers and other interested parties will meet. An exhibition will present their ideas from the workshops. The participants connect and show their achievements.

This project is organised by the NGOs Engagierte Zivilgesellschaft in NRW e.V. and Democracy International e.V. and supported by the Förderfonds Demokratie!

When and where?

8 September: Ferdinand Franz Wallraff Gymnasium (Buchheim School Centre) with Achim Wölfel, Mehr Demokratie NRW e.V. and Paula Erdmann, Die Partei Kreisverband Bonn.

10 September: Don-Bosco-Club Haus der offenen Tür e.V.

Many thanks to the Förderfonds Demokratie for supporting this project!

The Europe Dome at Ferdinand Franz Wallraff Gymnasium in Cologne Mülheim



– TREAT YOURSELF TO DEMOCRACY empowers young people. It strengthens their self-confidence and confidence in their own actions.

– The project effectively promotes equal opportunities and acceptance. It creates a positive image of young people with and without a migration background in society as a whole.

– Participants recognise democracy as their opportunity to shape communal living and communication spaces. The project particularly encourages young people to use their newly acquired right to vote in the local elections in NRW.

All in all, TREAT YOURSELF TO DEMOCRACY contributes to an active, tolerant, participative democracy and urban community. 

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