Ukrainian Vibes – Stop 5: Democracy Revisited

Europe | The fifth stop of the Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere tour took once again place under the digital dome. The topic “Inclusiveness of Democracy & Participatory Innovations” was discussed with participants from all over Europe. Together, European citizens gathered in groups to dive into specific areas of the topic. The first group shared their thoughts and ideas on “Gender Inequality in Ukraine”. “Political Participation of People with Disabilities” has been discussed in the second group and “Digital Tools to Improve Political Participation” in the third one. The visions and thoughts about the European future regarding democracy and participation are visualised here:

Many thanks to our speakers!
Tatiana Isaeva (UA)

Gender Culture Center

Olena Lobova

Change Communication

Adriana Caballero-Pérez

Faculty of Law at Maastricht University; Member of DARE

Gordana Rajkov & Mimica Živadinović

Center for Independent Living of PwDs Serbia

Dr. Rikki J. Dean

Democratic Innovations Research Unit - Goethe University Frankfurt

Susanna Maier


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