The “European Public Sphere” initiative creates a public space for Europe’s future issues. With its Europe Dome, a geodesic cupola, the initiative invites people with thoughts and ideas to converse with each other! Together, we want to assemble the building blocks for the social architecture of Europe.

The European Public Sphere Tours 2020:

Europe 2.0 – Your future, your turn to design it! 🇪🇺

  👉 The European Public Sphere - Europe 2.0 creates an open laboratory for Europe’s future questions. And these should be answered by those...

Virtual Public Sphere

Instead of traveling across our continent with the Europe Dome, in 2020 we will use the virtual, public space for our get togethers!EU-Charta of...

Germany 2020! 🇩🇪

Also in 2020, we can't get enough of Germany! Join us and help create a true European Public Sphere for your wishes and ideas. Let's go!Cologne...
“We are holding public conversations on the future of Europe. Public and open. All citizens are invited to participate if they want to contribute to the further development of our society. And we want to collect these contributions and make them available – as “building blocks” for the new Europe. Only in this way, a public sphere that covers the whole of Europe can be created.”
Ines Kanka

Co-founder, European Public Sphere

“We want to organize small mini-conventions on the future of Europe, with twenty or thirty people. Of course, we cannot set up an entire convention process, as for example Emmanuel Macron calls for. But we can give an idea for the future, how we can self-organize. We can show that one can just do it!”
Gerhard Schuster

Co-founder, European Public Sphere

Last European Public Sphere Dome Talks:

Europe Jam on Gender in Europe

Europe | In the last Europe Jam of 2020, we welcomed guests who work in and beyond the EU on the topic of gender equality. We started together into...

Europe Jam: The Building blocks for European Integration

Europe | On 08 December, we met - how fitting - in a Europe-wide round for the Europe Jam on European Integration. Our intern Anna-Lea Reinhart put...

Europe Jam on Digital Europe

Europe | On 17 November our Europe Jam on the topic of digital Europe took place. Our intern Anna-Lea Reinhart shares her impressions. They sit in...

Europe Jam on Social Justice

Europe | On 10 November, we jammed on the topic of Social Justice. Our intern Josephine Schnee reports back from the conversation.Share this post: 0...

Europe Jam on Minority and Migratory experiences 🇪🇺

Our third edition of the Europe Jams linked two major themes with several overlaps: Minority and Migration Experiences. In this session, we wanted...
“The aim is that more and more domes travel through Europe and that people shape their social future together.”
Andreas Müller

Co-founder, European Public Sphere