The “European Public Sphere” initiative aims to create a public space for Europe’s future issues. With its Europe Dome, a geodesic cupola, the initiative invites people with thoughts and ideas to talk with each other! It is about assembling the building blocks for the social architecture of Europe.
The European Public Sphere Tours:

Germany 2019 🇩🇪

European Public Sphere – Again in Germany in 2019!Already in 2018, the European Public Sphere visited 10 cities in the most densely populated part...

Single Dome Events 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇵🇱

Under the Spanish sunApril 2018 | Donostia/San Sebastián 🇪🇸 At the beginning of spring, we make ourselves up for a visit to the...

Austria Tour on the occasion of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union

  In the second half of 2018, Austria took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We take this as an opportunity for a...
“We are holding public conversations on the future of Europe. Public and open. All citizens are invited to participate if they want to contribute to the further development of our society. And we want to collect these contributions and make them available – as “building blocks” for the new Europe. Only in this way, a public sphere that covers the whole of Europe can be created.” Ines Kanka

Co-founder, European Public Sphere

“We want to organize small mini-conventions on the future of Europe, with twenty or thirty people. Of course, we cannot set up an entire convention process, as for example Emmanuel Macron calls for. But we can give an idea for the future, how we can self-organize. We can show that one can just do it!” Gerhard Schuster

Co-founder, European Public Sphere

Last European Public Sphere Dome Talks:

Extend the Sensors to the West and South

In our Austria-Tour we still have one more stop to do. On 16 October we will rebuild the Dome for an "inclusive Dome Talk" - in Vienna, where the...

When the Dome res(is)ted

Manheim, Germany | Hambach Forest, 18 August, 2018: On the occasion of the camp for [future] 2018, the Europe Dome is put together in the baking...

Summiteers: What does Europe need the Alps for?

Henar Mountain Pasture | From 13 to 16 August, the European Public Sphere-Dome stood on the Henar mountain pasture between the peaks of the...

Kick-off in Austria

  Vienna, Austria | Austria is holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months starting 1 July. The European Public...

What’s your vision of Europe?

Kick-off of the Austria-Tour on 6 July  With the beginning of the second half of the year Austria takes over the Presidency of the Council of the...
“The aim is that more and more domes travel through Europe and that people shape their social future together.” Andreas Müller

Co-founder, European Public Sphere