Europe Jam on Digital Europe

by | 5. December 2020

Europe | On 17 November our Europe Jam on the topic of digital Europe took place. Our intern Anna-Lea Reinhart shares her impressions. 

They sit in front of screens,
big and small,
day in and day out,
from morning till night.
They like, tweet, share, subscribe.
They work – online
They meet – online
They exercise – online
Time flies by in front of your screen
And so does life
Or is this
the new life

If this is the new life
where are those
For whom a smartphone is luxury
A computer witchcraft
The WWW a mystery
And if this is the new life
what are politics doing to protect
what is important to us?

With these questions we quest for
people from everywhere
From all corners of the continent
We come together
To talk about
What unites us.
About the future of Europe
And all of that –
well how convenient –

Video of our Europe Jam on Digital Europe

Our jam begins
at a fast pace.
We jump from the EU,
to the Digital Festival in Poland,
from digital democracy
to digital youth work
from problems and injustice
to innovation and solutions.
And we all have one thing in common:
Digitalisation is the future.

Whether public or private
Whether professional or leasure 
Whether Twitter or Zoom
Life is more online than
ever before.
Especially in the pandemic.

Being online gives you freedom.
To learn what you want
To read what you want
To see what you want
To say what you want
To be where you want

But Freedom
brings danger.
Danger for security
For my data
My identity
That flies free
Through the net
and no one knows
where exactly all the data goes.

But if we can manage
To protect what is sacred to us
To preserve our identity
To find the balance
Of on and off
To still be able to meet
in reality
then the future
of our Europe
lies in the digital world.

Many thanks to all guests and participants for this exciting discussion. If you missed it, you can find the recording on our Youtube channel!

In our Europe Jam on Digital Europe we welcomed our guests:

  • Justin Nogarede – Digital Policy Adviser at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies
  • Paulina Szkola – Digital Poland Foundation
  • Anne de Zeeuw – Netwerk Democratie
  • Christian Vorre Mogensen – Center for Digital Pædagogik
  • Juha Kiviniemi – Verke
  • Veronica Stefan – Digital Citizens Romania
  • Päivi Armila – Dequal
  • Matthijs Pontier – Idea-Synergy
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