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Kick-off of the Austria-Tour on 6 July 

by | 30. June 2018

With the beginning of the second half of the year Austria takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ines Kanka has written a small report for the magazine “Wegweiser Anthroposophie” (Guidepost Anthroposophy), which we also want to publish in our blog.

We have to start the conversation with each other again! To talk about our common future, about the basic principles of our living together. Because all of us together are responsible for the fate of our community, both in Austria and the EU.

On 1 July, Austria will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months. Europe will look to Austria and Austrian politics will deal with Europe. We will do the same and invite citizens to a "Dome Talk".

We will travel through Austria with a geodesic dome - the "Europe-Dome". The tour starts in Vienna, followed by Salzburg shortly before the official EU summit. We meet the "Omnibus for Direct Democracy" at the symbolic border on Brenner Pass. The way then leads us to Bregenz in the "Euregio Lake Constance" and also on the Henar mountain pasture - in the airy heights of the Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains) - we want to build the dome.

Citizens have their say in our Dome Events!

Together with the people on site and with invited guests, whom we select on the basis of their specific background, we want to collect the "building blocks" which are needed for a sustainable social architecture in Europe and which often have  already been developed.

Summer edition 2018 of the Guidepost

It is about a renewal in all areas of society, culture, politics and economy. This can also be experienced sensually: During the construction of our Europe-Dome, individual triangles join to form pentagons and hexagons, that arch into a dome and thus form a whole.

By means of videos from the discussion rounds, which we disseminate via social media and other publications, dealing with the future issues of Europe can also reach a larger audience and help to form the necessary active "European Public Sphere" in order to encourage people to think further and take the initiative.

The project was launched last year by the two non-profit organisations IG-EuroVision and Democracy International. We see ourselves as an initiative by citizens for citizens, in which we want to revive the dialogue about our common future.

The project can pick up speed if as many people as possible support it: in reflecting and participating, in building and co-financing. - So that more and more Europe-Domes can set off to their journey!

Here you will find the individual stops of the Austria Tour. Please help our project with your donation.



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Ines Kanka is a co-founder of the European Public Sphere and a member of the board of its supporting organisation IG-EuroVision. She works in Austria for the European Credit Initiative.

Some impressions from our past Dome Talks: