Ukrainian Vibes – Stop 1: Democracy 

 Europe | 30.06.2021| The Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere project in phase 1 offers a virtual stage to young people and their visions for the future of Europe and encourages them to become a more active part of society. In the four part online workshop-program, young participants learn, share and strengthen their knowledge about participation in different areas to build the Europe they want to live in. To achieve this goal, the workshop includes open discussions with experts and group tasks. If you want to learn more about the project, click here.

The first session started on 8 June 2021 with the topic Democracy. Around twenty motivated participants joined the session and were welcomed by the Ukrainian Vibes Team. Besides the Ukrainian Vibes Team four experts joined the session to give the participants insights into the professional field of Democracy. To get to know each other the participants shared their nationality and the group turned out to be very diverse. Participants from Ukraine and Germany were present, but also from other countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Pakistan and Benin.

The session started with an open question to everyone about “what does democracy mean to you?”. Many participants found their answers to this question in “freedom”, “participation” and “freedom of expression”. In addition “free and fair elections” and a “vibrant civil society” were also among the answers and turned out to be a direct link to our first group task.

Together, the participants and experts worked on defining the principles of democracy. Democratic principles ranging from press freedom, equality before the law and inclusive suffrage to free and fair elections and horizontal separation of power were discussed. 

Further in the second part of the session participants and experts worked with the gained knowledge on democratic principles and dealt with cases in which the principles interfere with each other. In one case participants talked about minority rights in a democracy, including the topic of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Throughout the session participants surprised everyone with their bright and interested manner. Direct democracy was one of many topics which could be explained and discussed with the expertise of the present experts. In particular Dane Waters, official adviser for the Ukrainian government was asked many questions by the participants.

By bringing in their own knowledge, learning more and discussing together, all participants are ready to shape the future of Europe according to their own ideas.

Some workshop impressions:

“We need to fight corruption to give equal a chance to the people to participate in the political arena – transparency is the key” 


Teilnehmende Ukrainian Vibes

Video summary of our workshops:

Many thanks to our experts!

´Anne Hardt

Campaigning and Fundraising Manager, Democracy International

Khrystyna Chushak

Project Manager Schools for Democracy, European Wergeland Centre

Dane Waters

Political Strategist and Advisor, Board Member Democracy International

Ina Kuhl

Press and Public Relation Manager, Mehr Demokratie e.V.

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