Final Europe Jam: The Conference on the Future of Europe!

Europe| True to our motto 🇪🇺 Your future – Your turn to design it! 🇪🇺 , we hosted our Europe Jam on the Conference on the Future of Europe on 26 January  – and it was our last one, rounding up the project Europe 2.0 that we had been working on since September 2020. Not being able to travel around with our Europe Dome due to the pandemic, instead we organized 10 online discussions inviting especially young Europeans, activists, politicians and all those interested in sharing their thoughts in our open laboratory to join one or many of our sessions. Touching upon various potential topics for the Conference on the Future of Europe, our intern Josephine Schnee visualized the discussion for us.

Our special guests – sharing their work and thoughts:
🗣 Nicolas De Santis – Brand EU
🗣 Maria Freitas – FEPS
🗣 Charlotte Billingham – FEPS
🗣 Rhys Nugent – Model European Union
🗣 Daniela Vancic – Democracy International e.V.
🗣 Erik Havenaar – Youth Center of European Integration
🗣 Balint Josa – UNITED for Intercultural Action
🗣 Nini Tsiklauri – Pulse of Europe Austria
🗣 Laura Galante – Co-coordinator of Citizens Take Over Europe Working Group
🗣 Peter Rusz – Head of Unit for Events, Publications and Website for the S&D Group
🗣 Michele Fiorillo – CIVICO Europa
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Many thanks to the Alfred Töpfer Stiftung F.V.S. for supporting this project.