Ukrainian Vibes – Stop 4: Our Europe – Create Your Future

Europe | 30.06.2021 | The Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere project in phase 1 offered a virtual stage to young people and their visions for the future of Europe and encouraged them to become a more active part of society. In the four part online workshop-program, young participants learned, shared and strengthened their knowledge about participation in different areas to build the Europe they want to live in. To achieve this goal, the workshop included open discussions with experts and group tasks. If you want to learn more about the project, click here.

The final stop of the Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere e-Tour was to take place under the theme “Our Europe – Create Your Future”. The focus was the Conference on the Future of Europe, as many participants had submitted their proposals on topics to be discussed there. A total of seven participants presented their personal concerns for an innovative, united, fairer and above all more sustainable Europe.

The participants’ proposals were discussed in the company of the invited experts. The topics of education, culture, youth and sport were particularly close to the participants’ hearts. But also climate change and the environment, as well as health, were topics that were discussed. 

Vanina K. called for “the EU could promote involvement in civil societies and emphasize on the importance of being part of such societies in order to strengthen the European community. The idea was that voluntary work and active participation in society should be given a more important role in the curriculum vitae by the EU, alongside classical school grades. Mariia Bukrieieva also called for more financial support from the EU in the area of education, culture, youth and sport. This should in particular facilitate and motivate access to education for young people.

Mykola P. who is concerned about climate change and the environment, calls for “increased regulatory controls on CO2 for EU member states“. Tymofii K. identifies a problem in the area of health in relation to transplantation and its legal regulation and calls for “the EU to find out what are the most important changes that need to be made to ensure the success of reforms in these areas“.

As different as the topics are, all proposals have one thing in common. The desire for a common future in a progressive, more just and sustainable Europe. Particularly the view of the youth of Europe is close to the hearts of the participants and the active participation in shaping the future are also key points of the project Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere.

Video summary of our workshops:

The future of Europe depends on us, so if we do something Europe will change and it will be like in our dreams.


Participant Ukrainian Vibes

I want a Europe where every person can feel like they belong.


Expert, YIHR Serbia

I want a european generation – open minded, active, tolerant, creative and competitive


Participant Ukrainian Vibes

I want more young people in politics and more education in sustainability


Participant Ukrainian Vibes


Many thanks to our experts!

Inga Apostolaka

Founder and project manager of "Loudspeaker - Express yourself!" , Kyiv Junior Academy of Science

Suanna Maier

Founder and CEO, Voterookie

Anne Hardt

Campaining and Fundraising Manager, Democracy International

Nevena Todorović

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Ina Kuhl

Public Relation Manager, Mehr Demokratie NRW e.V.

Maximilian Steverding

Referat für Stadtverbesserung

Oleksandr Saienko

Former Minister at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2016-2019)

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