Ukrainian Vibes – Final Stop: Europe & Ukraine

Europe | Having hearts beating European in the East and the West and with the future of Europe in mind – how could it have been otherwise than to discuss “Europe and Ukraine” at the final event of the Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere Tour? In times in which the debate about Europe picks up pace, we took up the questions about how Ukraine is moving towards the EU, what it means to be European and where Europe even starts and where it ends. Below you can find a visualized summary of the discussion and ideas on how to tighten the relationship between the EU and Ukraine, how to strengthen European identity, and how to dismantle barriers in the Western-Eastern European relationship.

Many thanks to our speakers!
Mikhailo Pashkov

Razumkov Center

Ivetta Delikatna


Prof. Dr. Michael J. Wintle

Emeritus Chair of Modern European History, University of Amsterdam

Nicolas de Santis


Rune Holmgaard Andersen

Nordic East Forum; University of Roskilde

Martin Reuther

Multicultural Ukraine (MKUA)

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