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Newspapers and Journals 

Bankspiegel. The GLS Bank Journal (Edition 1/2019, p.6-7): Fahrendes Volk. (A traveling people).

Bonner General Anzeiger (7 May 2018 | Stop: Bonn): Plea for more unity in voting rights.

EUROPP, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Peter J. Verovšek (no date, photo only): Public intellectuals and experts cannot tell citizens what to do. 

Le Quotidien (20 May 2019 | Stop: Luxembourg): Des briques pour préparer l’avenir de l’UE. (Building blocks for preparing the EU’s future). 

Le Quotidien (20 May 2019 | Stop: Luxembourg): De Maastricht à Liège et Schengen. (From Maastricht to Liege and Schengen). 

Le Quotidien (20 May 2019 | Stop: Luxemburg): Un Dôme en Guise de Think Tank. (A Dome as a Think Tank). 

Süddeutsche Zeitung (27 May 2019, Nr. 122, p. 34 | Stop: Munich): Fest unterm Sternenbanner. (Celebrations under the stars).

The Wall Street Journal (14 April 2019 | Stop: Texel): Get Fired Up About Democracy On This Frigid Island.

Weseler Lokalkompass (28 May 2018 | Stop: Wesel): Europa, wie geht es weiter?! Eine Gesprächsrunde beim Vereinsfest Wesel. (Europe, how to continue?! A round of talks at the club festival Wesel).

Wittener Allgemeine Zeitung (9 June 2018 | Stop: Witten): Aktionsbündnis diskutiert mit Wittenern über Europas Zukunft. (Coalition for action discusses Europe’s future with citizens of Witten).



ARD (23 June 2019 | Stop: Protestant Church Day, Dortmund): Tagesschau from minute 11:30 on.

RTL (19 May 2019 | Stop: Luxemburg): En Doum fir Europa an der Stad. (A dome for Europe in the city).



The Maastricht Edition (10 April 2019 | Stop: Maastricht): European Public Sphere Bridges Gap Between Citizens and Leaders

… of the European Public Sphere

In 2021 we published a Catalogue of Ideas that reflects the visions and solutions for the Future of Europe of the participants of the Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere tour 2021. You can find it here:

Ukrainian Vibes 2021 – Catalogue of Ideas

In December 2019 we published our first Catalogue of Ideas with participants’ ideas and visions for Europe from 62 Dome Talks in 8 countries. You can find the Catalogue here:

Catalogue of Ideas 


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