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The European Public Sphere Travels to Eastern Europe

It’s time to keep your eyes wide open and continue the journey across Europe with us! Since Europe doesn’t end at the borders of the European Union, we are very happy that the European Public Sphere is finally traveling through Ukraine in its virtual “Ukrainian Vibes” tour! For the first time with us on board are four young professionals from the ASA volunteer program who organize the “Ukrainian Vibes” tour.

Together with our partners Democracy International, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and Change Communication we already opened our Europe Dome to the digital public sphere for four stops of the tour. From 08 June till 29 June young people discussed their ideas for the Future of Europe in a four-part online workshop format. It was a wonderful experience!  As traveling never leaves you without new impressions, feelings, thoughts and experiences it’s time now, to rest a bit and to reflect on the new insights we gained.

But stay tuned – The tour continues in late summer/ autumn 2021! We will be back with fresh ideas and a lot of energy. Together with you we want to continue our discussion on topics related to democracy, sustainability and European Integration with a special focus on our host country Ukraine. 

Even though we all miss meeting in real life, our online gatherings are an opportunity to make our talks more creative than ever and construct the dome in different, flexible, interactive and also inclusive ways.

European Public Sphere can’t wait to meet you there! 

Let's get Together - Online Workshop Program for Young Europeans (14-21)

In June 2021, the first part of the Ukrainian Vibes Tour took place as part of a four-part online workshop programme for young people aged 14-21. Below you can see the invitation to the programme. If you would like to read more about the results of the workshops, please visit the European Public Sphere blog.


Join us on our first leg of the tour! Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere is going to start soon! Our first leg of the tour is especially adressed to young people aged 14-21! We warmly invite you to join our four-part online workshop program. Together with you we want to discuss topics related to democracy, sustainability & environmental consciousness and European integration with a special focus on our host country Ukraine. But don’t be scared – it won’t be like school or university at all! We’d rather like to hear from you and your ideas for Europe!

When, where and how do we meet? 

  • The program starts 08 June 2021 16.00 – 18.00 (CET)
  • After that we meet once a week for two hours (15, 22, 29 June 2021; 16.00-18.00 CET)
  • We use the platform Zoom to get together. Soon after your registration we will send you the link for our meetings
  • The program’s working language is English. Ukrainian subtitles are provided as far as possible

Who can participate?

  • Everyone interested aged 14 to 21
  • You don’t need any previous knowledge

What does the workshop program look like?

  • For the workshop program we are partnering up with the Junior Academy of Science of Ukraine
  • Each session includes a short introduction into our topic, interactive group tasks and open discussions
  • Each session is dedicated to one special topic: 1. Democracy, 2. Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness, 3. European Integration. In session 4 we pool our results and thoughts
  • Each session will be accompanied by experts (scientists and activists from the respective field)
  • If you want to learn more about the program click here

We want YOU on board because…

  • we think that you have interesting thoughts regarding the state of our world
  • we think that it’s the youth who is going to shape the future
  • we think that only through dialog we learn from each

You should join the program because…

  • you get the chance to meet other young people and professionals from all over Europe
  • you will hear from others & what they think about the problems of our age
  • you get the chance to bring your personal ideas to the Conference on the Future of Europe
  • you get a certificate of participation in case you join all four sessions

Please note that our project only allows a limited number of participants. So the sooner you register the better :)!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

Infobox ASA program

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, ASA is one of the most renowned volunteer programs in Germany. The program encourages young people from the whole world to understand global contexts and engage for sustainable development and a just world.

Some photos of our previous events:

Get to know the Ukrainian Vibes Team

Only the people can change and enrich things in the institutions and transmit them to future generations said Jean Monnet and I very much agree.  I am looking forward to combine the goals of the European Public Sphere and the 2030 Agenda to create added value in terms of more direct democracy, sustainable development and European integration.

Josephine Schnee

Political Scientist in Cologne, Germany; ASA-Volunteer

Hello everybody! My name is Katia Dobrovolska. I am eager to contribute my organizational skills and experience in the field of sustainability to the project’s efficiency, promoting the achievement of sustainable development goals! 

Katerina Dobrovolska

Master Student of Geoglobalistics in Kyiv, Ukraine; Active Member of the Scientific Youth Organization NTSA; ASA-Volunteer

Hi, I’m Regine. Since my volunteer service in Kyiv 2014-2015 I’m especially interested in Eastern Europe and post-communist states. With this project I want to contribute to a fair and open dialogue within the European continent. 

Regine Alber

Master Student of Political Science in Regensburg, Germany; ASA-Volunteer

Greetings! My name is Yuliia Khrystynchenko. To understand how we can contribute more to environmental sustainability, shed light on the most important environmental problems of the world and Ukraine in particular. It’s important for me to share the knowledge and gain a new experience in the field of communication – this is my goal in this project.
“I believe that our planet and all its inhabitants can still be saved” – said Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yuliia Khrystynchenko

Environmentalist in Kyiv, Ukraine; NECU-Member; ASA-Volunteer

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