Europe 2.0 – Your future, your turn to design it! 🇪🇺

von | 27. August 2020

👉 The European Public Sphere – Europe 2.0 creates an open laboratory for Europe’s future questions. And these should be answered by those who will have to live with the ideas: young Europeans such as yourself.

💡Together with you, we want to develop new approaches, collect visions and solutions for Europe’s future in solidarity in 10 Europe Jams.

📬 Not only will we discover common ground among our group of active people from across all over Europe. All ideas will be sent to the European Commission so they can actually make a difference.

🗣️ Make your voice being heard!

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What’s the deal?

  • 10 online conversations, the Europe Jams, between young Europeans up to the age of 27
  • Yes, you can participate more than once
  • Don’t forget to bring your friends from all countries in wider Europe 😉
  • Please register, so we can send you the zoom link
  • Your ideas, your choice of topic: we’ll decide on the topic for each discussion together in our Facebook group. Join us now!
  • Come and go at any point
  • an online exhibition will show your demands for everyone to see on the European Public Sphere web page and we will send it to the European Commission! You can find last year’s exhibition here.


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The Europe Dome, usually the traveling location of our talks about Europe.

Register here:

You will receive a zoom link to participate in the discussion. 

We will also send you a reminder on the days of the Jams (from Democracy International).

Please choose the sessions you want to participate in – one, several or all of the Jams.

The events always take place on Tuesday at 18.30 CET.

Upcoming events – please choose:

12 + 8 =

Past jams

  • Kick-off jam: Sat., 26 September, 14h00 – 15h30 CET at Democracy International’s Online Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
  • 13 Oct. – 18h30 CET: Climate
  • 20 Oct. – 18h30 CET: Minority and Migratory Experiences
  • 27 Oct. – 18h30 CET: Democracy and Participation
  • 10 Nov. – 18.30 CET: Social Justice in Europe
  • 17 Nov. – 18.30 CET: Digital Europe
  • 08 Dec. – 18.30 CET: Building blocks for European integration
  • 15 Dec. – 18.30 CET: Gender and Europe
  • 19 Jan. – 18.30 CET: Special Edition: The EU and the Western Balkans
  • 26 Jan. – 18.30 CET: Final Jam on the Future of Europe

Thank you to the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. for supporting this project!