Grätzel goes Europe 🇦🇹

Together with the European Movement Austria and other partners, our Vienna Dome Team is organising Dome Talks in four Viennese “Grätzeln” in the weeks leading up to the EU elections. We want to invite citizens in their living environment, in their Grätzel, to talk about questions of the future with those in positions of responsibility from European politics and those who want to become it through the election.
We invite you to the Vienna Grätzel-Tour with the Europe-Dome!

Grätzel meets Europe and Europe meets Grätzel. Together with our partner organisations, we want to build our Europe Dome in the districts of Vienna and hear what the citizens have to discuss with each other and with people who want to be elected in order to actively shape our social destinies on a European level in the run-up to the elections of the European Parliament.

What should be the course for future Europe? Are we running out of ideas for a sustainable European community that grows together? Is there a lack of courage, a lack of energy? Do we have to tread new paths and processes? Where has the enthusiasm for this peace project gone? How can we reach the hearts of European citizenship? Where did we originally want Europe to go?

Citizen Talks under the dome
Questions such as these should also be discussed with people who have not yet taken part in political discourse on their own, who perhaps also believe that their opinion is undesirable and unheard; people who have a voice that they may not make use of at all. Let’s talk because our future concerns all of us!
Dates of the Grätzel goes Europe-Tour through Vienna:

4 May 2019 | Wien-Simmering ”

11 May 2019 | Vienna-Favorites ”

18 May 2019 | Wien-Meidling ”

23 May 2019 | Vienna-Leopoldstadt, weXelerate ”


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