Crossing Pongau 🇦🇹

Dialogue is the most influential building block for Europe’s social architecture
A fountain in the village square? What was it like when the old and young, the agrarian and local people gesticulated, laughed or even discussed fiercely at the village fountain? It seems like a distant picture from another time. And yet, it was the place for conversing. Let’s revive it!

End of April, beginning of May the dome of the European Public Sphere is on its way in the Salzburg Pongau. On three days we invite to three dome talks as part of the “Crossing” project.

“A democratic society also lives and profits from the diversity of approaches and worldviews. No matter whether in a small village or in a big city. The difference of opinion and a respectful, open approach support a common, innovative future and inspire people to get involved. That’s why we want to have more public discussions again? About the diversity of culture and education we experience and about the value of a pluralistic community. Because the village has long become global,” says Andrea Folie, initiator and project manager of Crossing.

Under the roof of our Europe Dome, we meet citizens who want to make a difference for the village, the city, the region and for Europe.

The talks are open to everyone. In addition, we expect invited guests, such as the mayors of the respective communities. The first dome event will be opened by Andrea Klambauer, Member of the Provincial Council (FH), and Georg Pfeifer, Head of the Liaison Office of the EU Parliament in Vienna, will give an input.

Cooperation with the project “Querbeet” in Salzburg
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The dates:

30 April 2019 | 14.00 to 16.00 hrs
Dorfgastein, community park

2 May 2019 | 14.00 to 16.00 hrs
Bischofshofen, Franz Mohshammer Square

3 May 2019 | 10.30 to 12.00 hrs
Radstadt, Lower Town Square