BeNeLux Tour 2019 🇧🇪🇳🇱🇱🇺

Just before the European Elections, the moment is there: the Europe Dome is going on tour again! And it will be exciting: 11 stops, our current maximum, and 3 new countries. On the respective dates, there will be two to three talks under the dome. Apart from the invitees are all citizens welcome to join. From the gathered material a ‘Future Archive’ will gradually come into existence. The exact starting times and both the last dates will be published later.

Openings event of the BeNeLux Tour
30 March 2019 | Liege 🇧🇪

With April and its infamous weather approaching, we are preparing for the first indoor event of the European Public Sphere: three Dome Talks in the shopping centre Médiacité in Liège. Here, citizens and representatives of the public sphere and politics discuss from 10:00h about the future of our common Europe. ›› more

Dome Talks on the ECI Day
1 April 2019 | Brussels 🇧🇪

1 April is a very special day for democracy. It is the day of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), whose implementation Democracy International was deeply involved in. This instrument gives citizens the opportunity to stimulate changes in legislation on the EU level. And what is a better way to celebrate this day than with a collective Dome Talk? Also this year, shortly before the reform of the ECI, we stand up for more citizens participation. And we do this right in the heart of the Europe-city Brussels. Come to the Grande Place/ Grote Markt and join us!  ›› more

Dome Talks in Antwerp
3 April 2019 | Antwerp  🇧🇪

Of course, the metropolis Antwerp cannot be missing in our BeNeLux Tour. That’s why, we build our Europe Dome on Groenplaats. Just next to the big statue of Rubens and with a beautiful view of the Cathedral of Our Lady, we expect to find more interesting ideas and visions of citizens for the future of Europe.  ›› more

The geodesic structure of the Europe-Dome

Dome-Talks and Food for Thought  
12 April 2019 | Amsterdam 🇳🇱

In Amsterdam, we will serve a very special dish: our Dome Talks will take place in the gallery of the FoodHallen. This hip place hasn’t been so hip long. For several decades the city of Amsterdam tried to find a solution for the huge, unutilized area in the heart of Amsterdam West together with its citizens. Only a foundation set up especially for this purpose made the impossible possible. Today the food halls are a colourful attraction for connoiseurs, but associations with new ideas also have their place in the innovative concept. This is exactly where we are building our dome: on the border between a flourishing restaurant scene and workshops, art galleries and offices used by civil society. An example of a social market economy?  ›› more

Shopping, the third: Shopping mall Leyweg  
13 April 2019 | The Hague 🇳🇱

The Leyweg shopping centre is a social meeting place in the district. Of course, the European Public Sphere will not be missing here. Together, we discuss the future of Europe in The Hague, the headquarters of a large number of national and international institutions. The more than 150 institutions include major players such as the International Court of Justice and Europol. Perhaps we need to move up a little under the dome. ›› more

The Dome on the beach: Pavilion Jeroen
14 April 2019 |Zandvoort 🇳🇱

The Europe Public Sphere comes to the beach at Zandvoort! In the soft sand, right before the beautiful beach tent Paviljoen Jeroen, we build the Europe Dome and invite everyone to come join the discussions. We hope that the wide view on the sea will provide all participants with enough inspiration for deep talks. And thus, here, where the waves of the North sea crash onto the beach, we will discuss related topics such as climate change and migration. Join us at the beach in Zandvoort and enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the Europe Dome! ›› more


Last stop in Belgium: Gent
4 April 2019| Gent  🇧🇪

At the Woodrow Wilsonplein in Gent we have our last stop in Belgium on the 4thof April. This time we will stand in front of, instead of inside a shopping centre and we expect again interesting discussions. Also here, we will be talking about Europe – open and respectful, together and under the geodetic roof of the Europe Dome.  ›› more

Off to the Netherlands of the 14th century 
5 April 2019 | Maastricht 🇳🇱

Place of inspiration, reflection and diverse cultural experiences: that is the bookshop Dominicanen in Maastricht. In the 700 years old Dominican church, we collect new experiences. At the foot of the former altar, we will try out the for us new technique of ‘positive talks’ in collaboration with the Foundation Maastricht in Dialogue (André Rojer en Mine Stemkens). And during the breaks we can enjoy the beautiful, restored ceiling fresco with an espresso from the there located café. Come join us in the, according to the Guardian, “fairest bookshop of the world, a bookshop made in heaven”.  ›› more

Democracy festival “DEMOCRACY ALIVE” 
11 April 2019 | Den Burg, Texel 🇳🇱

On the beautiful island of Texel, the European Public Sphere will be part of the democracy festival “DEMOCRACY ALIVE” for one day. Together with citizens from all over Europe and a multitude of other organisations, politicians, companies, influencers, artists and trade unions we celebrate European democracy and ideals at the Groeneplaats in Den Burg, Texel. Celebrating along is worth it: there are events, discussions, gigs, readings, song contests, ping pong competitions, silent discos. The stage is yours! ›› more

BeNeLux goes SaarLorLux  
18 May 2019 | Schengen  🇱🇺

Schengen… Naming authority and birthplace of the Schengen Agreement and as such, the borderless European area. And this is not the only reason why this city has become synonymous for Europe. Situated in the southeast of Luxembourg, Schengen lies directly on the tri-border point between Germany (Saarland), France (Lothringen) and Luxembourg (Remich). What is life like in one of the hearts of Europe? What can we learn from this diversity there? How does communality arise? We want to discuss this and other aspects with you and other representatives from all 3 regions under our dome. We will publish the exact location later.  ›› more

Last stop: Luxembourg
19 Mai 2019 | Luxembourg  🇱🇺 

Just before the European elections, we will arrive at our last stop: the place Clairfontaine in Luxembourg City. The European Parliament, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Auditors, the European Investment Bank, they all have at least parts of their headquarters in Luxembourg’s capital. And with their slogans – “The voice of the people”, “The rule of law”, “Responsible use of taxpayers’ money” and “Investing in the future” – they offer more than enough food for thought for a meeting in the Europe Dome.  ›› more


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