Germany 2019 🇩🇪

European Public Sphere – Again in Germany in 2019!

Already in 2018, the European Public Sphere visited 10 cities in the most densely populated part of the country during its North Rhine-Westphalia tour. In 2019 the journey through the Federal Republic continues. Let’s see what else we’ll organize until the end of summer…


 The Sphere says “Yes to Europe.”
11 May 2019 |Haltern am See 🇩🇪

The Forum for Democracy, Respect and Diversity is organising the event “We say yes to Europe” on 11 May 2019 for the European elections on the market square in Haltern am See. Information, discussions with an “open microphone”, musical flash mobs, rock music and much more… ›› more

Dome Talk Europe from the centre, Talk, Theatre
11 May 2019 |Bochum 🇩🇪
Does Europe have something to do with “the centre”? And does this centre may even carry a special task for Europe? Between East and West, North and South or perhaps also between “above” and “below”? Something that points from Europe into the future? But at the same time, we can see that Europe is also in danger of staggering again, as it always has in its history. These questions are about the concrete tasks of shaping our society. ›› more

2 days Corso Leopold
25 – 26 May, 2019 |Munich 🇩🇪

The “European Public Sphere” on the Corso! Where cars usually dominate the street scene, we recapture the street for the citizens. Since 2000, this has succeeded twice a year and inspires up to 500,000 strollers each year on a weekend in June and September. In addition to music, painting, theatre, international cultures, cuisine, arts and crafts and 6 talks, we talk about the future of Europe, popular initiatives and democracy. Here’s to a social get-together! ›› more

Campfire Festival 2019
31 August – 1 September |Düsseldorf 🇩🇪

Germany’s largest democracy festival will again take place in Düsseldorf this year. Of course, we are also joining the Campfire-Festival 2019. Along with us, we bring our dome & a diverse programme for you. On Saturday the programmatic focus will lay on direct democratic developments worldwide. On Sunday we will take a look at direct democracy in North Rhine-Westphalia. ›› more

Summer closing: Living Squares
17 October |Hildesheim 🇩🇪

A lively district needs lively squares. And that’s exactly what the “Living Squares” initiative of the Nordstadt.Mehr.Wert association is working on; for the first time outside its own neighbourhood. In 3 rounds of discussion, we test whether the European Public Sphere could become a long-term project also in Hildesheim – so show up in droves to the probably last event of the season! ›› more


The Sphere at Tempelhofer Feld
14 June, 2019 |Berlin 🇩🇪

The Sphere is coming to the capital! Because the initiative “THF.VISION”, which deals with the future of the Tempelhof airport building, has invited the Europe Dome to the Tempelhof field – to the symbolic place of a strong citizen democracy. Because 5 years ago, the place caused an international sensation when the Berliners decided in a referendum that the huge field of the former Tempelhof Airport should not be built on, but should be available for free use by all. This June, everyone is invited to exchange views on future issues for Europe: Which Europe do we want? What does this mean for our city? ›› more 

Tapping into our political fountain of youth
15 June, 2019 |Stuttgart 🇩🇪

On Saturday, June 15th we are in Stuttgart at the demo “Black Cards for the Policies of the Old” organized by the “Democratic Voice of Youth”. Right at the beginning, from 10-11 am, the first Dome Talk takes place. What does youth actually mean and why does politics often make us look old? ›› more

Protestant Church Day in Dortmund
20 – 22 June 2019  |Dortmund 🇩🇪

From 20 until 22 of June, the European Public Sphere will be hosted by the Protestant Kirchentag in Dortmund. During these three days, several discussions will take place under our Europe Dome. Every day, citizens, representatives of civil society and politicians will meet between 10:30 and 20:30. They will discuss various topics concerning the future of Europe. This includes the further development of European democracy, transparency and recent issues debated in the European Parliament. ›› more 

Kunigunde asks
13 July, 2019|Bamberg 🇩🇪

Canonized in 1200 by Pope Innocent III, Kunigunde still stands for justice and piety today. In mid-July, Kunigunde asks Bamberg: “What’s next for Europe? Come by on 13 July, Green Market at the Gabelmann Fountain in Bamberg and join the talk! ›› more



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