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Under the Spanish sun
April 2018 | Donostia/San Sebastián 🇪🇸

At the beginning of spring, we make ourselves up for a visit to the south. Next stop: San Sebastian in the Basque Country. Here we discuss, in the middle of the city centre, on the border between the old and new town, Europe and our democracy. How do people think about these subjects in a region that has been plagued by the ambition for independence?

A Dome for Rome
26 September 2018 | Rome 🇮🇹

Rome hosted the Global Forum in Direct Democracy in September 2018. This conference is the biggest one in the world that is concerned with the subject of direct democracy and that brings together activists from all corners of the world. Of course, the Europe Dome shouldn’t be lacking here! And apart from the discussions about Europe, the dome also became the stage for democracy-yoga.


The Baltic Youth & the Dome
8-11 June 2019 | Gdansk 🇵🇱

The Baltic Youth Camp is a three-day festival. Here, several youth representatives from the Baltic region meet and explore friendship, culture and politics through workshops, small seminars and social activities. A great opportunity for the European Public Sphere to welcome young, motivated people from countries from Poland to Estland.

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The geodesic structure of the Europe-Dome